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How about enough of those headache pills because of you trying to get as many patients as you can and at the same time doing your very best at keeping them, whilst providing a professional service to them? As a dentist with his/her own dental practice, things can get pretty tricky. Adapting to the fast changing era of marketing has quite a few dentists worried and quite honestly, annoyed!

Would you ask a mathematician to draw a picture of the Mona Lisa and expect mind blasting, art gallery potential results?

No?! Why not?

Are you sure?

Well digital dental marketing is almost the same thing. Wouldn't it be nice to let go all the trial and errors, save your time for being dentist and cut straight to refined experienced strategies that get you the results you want?

That's where a Dental Marketing Consultant comes in, takes care of business for you, dumps a full load of potent results on you so that you can focus on other areas of your business, dedicating your full attention.

You want to focus on 1 thing and 1 thing ONLY, and that thing is delivering the best possible care for your patients and help them on their way to the dental promise land, where the teeth are healthier and the the gums are pretty.

Most dentists focus on 1 or 2, rarely even 3 areas of marketing, which statistics have shown, is an incredible stress for most. The expertise of a Dental Marketing Agency constitutes of various big areas of marketing which when used separately, work ofcourse to some degree, but combined perfectly will create a hurricane of massive expected results which can be tracked properly.

Here at Centor Digital, each specialist takes care of 1 specific area of marketing and makes sure the latest strategies are applied precisely with purpose.

Thinking what are those marketing areas? Let's have a look at some of them :

The Website

See anything common?

If marketing was a car, your website is the roaring engine holding everything together. It's the easiest and simplest way to get in contact with new patients. Investing in making sure you website functions how it should while maintain a stable SEO grade is absolutely crucial for it's healthy survival.

An experience savy Dental Consulting Agency will first scan the whole website for errors and things that can be improved while making sure to take care of the big 4. The big 4 are, website design that appeal to patients, lead generation optimization, content publishments and SEO.

Without a PRO website, you are literally walking on eggshells and failing in convincing new patients in choosing you over competitors.

Social Media Marketing

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 10 years, chances are you've started to realise or maybe even used the power of social media to your advantage.

The reality is, social media is a difficult beast to tame but an absolute MUST to have for any local business that want to set its mark.

However, it might be quite nerve-racking to have correct insight into how to grow your audience and address their concerns.

A skilled Dental Marketing Agency will help you pin that flag down and drive that truck home so you can be absolutely 100% sure that you have a potential audience to work with. The 2 big whales are if you didn't guess them yet, FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM.

You probably didn't think of instagram, but it's one energy driven platform that's coming in our direction with maximum speed, without a brake option, whether we like it or not.

Facebook remains the largest driver of business however through social media.


You've certainly heard of Facebook Ads or google ads... maybe even Instagram ads. These 3 remain by far the most potent tools that can be used nowadays to grow any business. Millions are being spent on these money makers yearly and huge revenues are being generated. How exciting does that sound?!

Well the reality is most businesses lose money to these services more than they actually generate. That is because with great power, comes great needed skills. As effective and amazing as these services can be, it takes a huge amount of data, testing and skill building to seriously get a good grip on how they operate.

A competent Dental Marketing Agency will already have existing market data, established strategies and result analysis intelligence in place to move forward at a ridiculous speed, sometimes even hard to follow.


As it was previously stated, the main benefit of dental marketing is awareness of your own brand and the possibilities of your target audience discovering your services. At Centor Digital, we make sure we are instrumental in the matter awareness, thus providing a higher percentage of awareness for their clients, raising the capacity of reach and improving impressions in the process.

When Centor Digital Meets Dental Practices

A solid dental marketing agency should master the situation of taking any dental practice, regardless of their position in the marketplace, and propel them to new heights while simultaneous having a well balanced feedback system with the dental practice.

It takes 2 to tango.

You help us help you.

Hiring a dental marketing consultant provides many benefits, but the biggest of those benefits is the freedom it gives your team to focus on the aspects of your business that they specialize in.

By leaving the marketing up to a trained professional, you can focus on making the most of every interaction with your customers.

Norman Earally

Ceo & founder

Centor Digital

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